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I would like to ask for a refund of my expenses

Instructions for invoicing to the EORTC Quality of Life Group (QLG)


Request for refund of travel expenses form


Refund of expenses (not covered by a grant) – Note: Travel claimed as an executive expense should be claimed using the Travel Expense Form


I would like to be a part of the Executive Committee

There is a call every xxxx and nominations xxxxxx content Krzystof have to give 😀

I would like to develop an EORTC Questionnaire Module

what is the life cycle xxxxxxxx



know the guidelines



I would need to change my budget for an on-going QLG funded project

Susanne has to give content

I would like to have my manuscript endorsed by the QLG

xxxxx Anne-Sophie xxxx

I have a research idea and I want to apply for a grant from the QLG

content xxx

I have been invited to apply for a QLG grant as my research idea has been endorsed by the QLG EC

EORTC QLG grant process 2018


EORTC QLG grant guidelines 2018


EORTC QLG grant application form 2018


I have an on-going QLG-funded project

Is there anything I should know?

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xxx my responsibilities xxx
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I would like to request for Grant Transfer/per-patient payment to an institution Quality of Life Group


I have completed my QLG-funded project