Can we set up a contract for licence in mobile application?

At present we do not have our own electronic versions of our questionnaires available for use on mobile devices. EORTC will be developing an electronic version of its QLQ questionnaires soon, but in the meantime it is the responsibility of the requestor to arrange and manage migration of our questionnaires from paper format to electronic format. We are currently developing guidelines for migration, which will be published shortly. As with any use of our questionnaires, an agreement will need to be set up with EORTC for the use of the questionnaires in your study/trial, whether it employs the questionnaires in paper format or electronic format. For purely academic usage, contact and for commercial usage contact – in either case specifying that you wish to migrate to electronic version so that the correct permission clause can be inserted into the agreement that you will need to sign. We would advise also that you keep an eye on our website for developments in this area – e.g. for the migration guidelines which are to be published shortly.

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