How to become a QLG member?

How to become a member

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Full members are actively involved in at least one of the Group’s activities, e.g.:

  • Module development
  • An EORTC field study
  • Other research activities of the QLG
  • Providing advice to the EORTC on QOL assessment
  • Serving as an officer on one of the Group’s committees

Full members are expected to attend at least one meeting of the QLG per year.

Probationary members are individuals seeking to become members of the QLG through active involvement in at least one of its activities. Probationary members may attend for one year. By the second meeting of that year probationary members are expected to have identified activities within the Group to which they can contribute, thereby proceeding to full membership. Probationary members who are not actively participating after one year are discouraged from attending further meetings except in special circumstances. Probationary members have no voting rights and are not allowed to attend the Group’s Business Meetings.

Corresponding members include individuals actively supporting the EORTC approach to QOL assessment who are unable to attend because of distance (e.g. NCI-Canada representatives) or cost (e.g. Eastern European colleagues). At the discretion of the Executive Committee individuals interested in the Group’s work but unable to attend meetings may be kept informed of the Group’s work and invited to collaborate, e.g. in research, as appropriate.



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To become a full active member, you have to

  • Attend 2 meetings up front (within 2 years)
  • Be actively involved in EORTC Quality of Life Group research

On the third meeting you will become an active member. To maintain membership you have to continue with research activities and attending a minimum of 2 meetings within every 2 years.

From now on, until you are a full member, you will be registered as an EORTC QLG corresponding member, and you will be included in the EORTC QLG mailing list.

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