Principal investigator(s)
Georg Kemmler
Innsbruck Medical University
Innsbruck, Austria
Project coordinator(s)
Eva Maria Gamper
Medical University of Innsbruck Department for Psychiatry, Psychotherapy, and Psychosomatic Medicine
Innsbruck, Austria

Project summary

To make the QLQ-C30 applicable for health economic evaluations, a cancer-specific utility instrument based on 10 dimensions of the QLQ-C30, the QLU-C10D, was developed as a collaboration of the MAUCa Consortium (chair M King, Sydney) and the EORTC QLG (HTA Working Group, chair G Kemmler). The primary aim of the project was the determination of utility weights for five European countries by means of online valuation surveys in general population samples of 1,000 persons per country. Countries included were Germany, Austria, France, Italy, and Poland. Discrete choice experiments were used for elicitation of utilities.

Utility weights for all 5 countries have now been determined. For these countries the QLU-C10D is ready for use in cost-utility analyses. Results are summarized in the Final Report and will be published in due course.


  • All assessments and analyses for the project have been completed.
  • QLU-C10D utility weights have been determined for all five countries.
  • The Final Report has been submitted to the PMDC.
  • Papers summarizing the results are in preparation.

Future plans

  • Writing, submission and publication of papers (2018, beginning of 2019).
  • New EORTC QLG grant application for further QLU-C10D valuations currently under review.

For patients

To use the QLQ-C30 in health-economics two things are required: a set of key items to define health states (the QLU-C10D) and a scoring method where each health state is given a value from 0 to 1 (utility). The scoring is based on information from the general population. Respondents are asked to indicate their preferences between health states. Due to differences in health-care systems such valuations have to be performed in a number of countries. The present project covered 5 countries: Germany, Austria, France, Italy and Poland.



  • King MT, Viney R, Pickard AS, Rowen D, Aaronson NK, Brazier JE, Cella DF, Costa DSJ, Fayers PM, Kemmler G, McTaggart-Cowen H, Mercieca-Bebber R, Peacock S, Street D, Young TA, Norman R (2018). Australian utility weights for the EORTC QLU-C10D, a multi-attribute utility instrument derived from the cancer-specific quality of life questionnaire, EORTC QLQ-C30. Pharmaco-Economics, 36(2):225-238.